Welcome to  Majesticgems Bengals in 

North East England  

 The main points about us and our principles:  

  • we are hobby breeders, not a business
  • we breed for quality and not for quantity 
  • we are breeding from some of the best pedigree bloodlines in the world, including the much sought after Majestic Pride and Dazzledots
  • we  only breed Brown Rosetted Bengals - we believe these look the wildest and the best
  • we believe we are getting such great looking coats because we are not diluting - not mixing colours  in our breeding programme
  • we buy in kittens with very strong markings, which carry through to their kittens - we are very selective who our kittens go to - we want our kittens to go to homes for life, to be well loved and cared for 
  • all of our kittens are born and raised in our home - we give them a good start, for you to continue raising, training and socialising them
  • we know our kittens so well - we don't need use collars or coloured ribbons to identify them
  • we will always keep our breeding numbers low, to continue adhering to all of our principles

Our Bengals: 

Our female bengals have plenty acss to outdoor enclosures to give them lots of fresh air, but come inside to give birth in a safe and friendly atmosphere - they like us to stay with them whilst they give birth and we love how they trust us so much.                                                          

Our boys live in our outdoor enclosures with elevated housing and plenty of room to run around and climb - they come in the house to play and gets cuddles, but soon want to be back outside.  

All kittens are born in our home, where we've converted a bedroom into a kittening room - we are constantly told how quickly our kittens settle into their forever homes and we believe that is because of a combination of good temperament genes and the attention we give them during their time with us.

We breed from some of the most prestigious bloodlines in the world. Our aim is for our kittens to be of the highest standard, with a great profile, distinguished markings, glittered coats, prominent two tone rosettes and a soft silky coat.

We only breed a small number of kittens each year, as we are breeding for quality and not quantity!

We can identify each kitten by look and without the need for coloured collars or ribbons - even withthe largest litters.


We are a fully licensed, vet inspected and TICA registered and started our breeding programme in 2008.

We are council approved and are very proud to carry a dangerous wild animal licence (DWA) - the only one ever issued by our local authority. We are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance in place for our early generations.

All of our cats have been PK Def tested and they are Normal (ALL CLEAR), which means all kittens will also be PK Def Normal.

All of our cats are very carefully selected for our breeding program from some of the best lines worldwide. 

  • We select for pedigree - only the best will do.
  • We select for temperament - in their genetics and socialisation.
  • and obviously their breathtaking beauty.


PK Def is carried genetically, so can not be contracted from cat to cat. If a parent or parents are carriers then the kittens can be born with it and pass it on to their kittens

As we only breed small numbers, you may want to  join our waiting list to avoid any disappointment! 

Breeding the very best in Bengals is not just about putting a sire and dam together to produce a litter of kittens - our aim of producing excellence, means finding the right lines that cross well to produce the best of breed. 

We find the right breeders with the right cats, check temperaments, research pedigrees and then buy in the best quality lines to work with the lines we have already created.

Next, we continue the care and socialisation with a lot of experience, knowledge and great dedication - the best of everything.

Our aim is to continuously improve the Bengal breed and produce the most stunning kittens with open two tone rosettes, short silky coats and the most fabulous temperaments – this comes partly from the genetics and also trying to handle them from birth.

Our breeding programme is kept small, to ensure ALL of our Bengals get the love and attention they need. They get the best food, happy, safe and loving environment and the best veterinary care, which we can provide them.

Bengal’s are a beautiful breed and reputable breeders will never sell cheap kittens due to the high cost in both time and money.

We hope you find all the information you need on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us - t: 07985 467579 or email carolmajesticgems@gmail.com                   

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