ONLY 1 left

We have 3 kittens born 21st March 2019 - stunning rosettes showing from birth and will be ready to leave 21.6.2019

Micah x Morgan

RESERVED as a special pet for Trevor and Nadia

Male available as very special pet or show/breed to the right breeder.

This boy has stunning rosettes an a short tight coat with great contrast - he takes after his dad and will be a true stunner.

He is a lovely big, chunky boy.

Male available as a very special pet.

This boy is very light in colour and is gorgeous. His coat is tight and has a good contrast with well placed rosettes. He is a good size and has such a cute face - he will make an ideal pet.

Male RESERVED for Alan as a very special pet.

The smallest in the litter but still a good size, with gorgeous dark rosettes on a light background. This boy is the most mischievous of the litter. First to do everything and not afraid - a real little monkey!

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