Please consider carefully who and where you buy your kitten from

and make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder!                                                    

The decision to own a bengal should not be taken lightly. Bengals can make fantastic pets, but they are not the right breed for everyone. Please research the breed carefully, to see if they are the right breed for you!

When you bring a new kitten into your home, it will be leaving everything it knows behind. Therefore, you need to provide the right environment to let them settle and feel secure. We find that a smaller, quieter room is best, free from clutter. The kitten will need human contact, so some patience to sit and play with the kitten is needed, before introducing the kitten to larger spaces and other animals. 

Bengals like company, so if you're not going to be home all day, a second bengal or another pet would provide a playmate - this will help to keep your bengal happy and allow time to play and run off excess energy.

  • we DO NOT mass produce kittens and all of our kittens are born and raised in our home 
  • we hobby breed for quality and not for quantity 
  • we handle our kittens from birth and know each and everyone individually 
  • we know our kittens so well, so we don't need to put collars or coloured ribbons on them to identify them
  • to avoid disappointment please join our kitten waiting list
  • we can then take your details, along with any preferences you have - breed/show or pet quality, male or female, markings, colour, pedigree etc
  • we will let you know when we have a kitten which may be suitable for your needs
  • we can send you pictures and arrange a viewing
  • we can have other vet checks or genetic tests carried out at your request and at your expense

Call or email us to add your name to our waiting list:                                                                                                      t: 07985 467579 or email:

Here at Majesticgems we will not let our kittens leave until they are 12 - 13 weeks old. This allows the kittens to have at least two veterinary kitten examinations, be fully vaccinated, health checked, wormed, flea treated and litter trained and microchipped. We have our breeding cats tested for PK Def and only breed from PK Def normal cats to ensure all kittens are also PK Def normal - we do not carry out any other tests on our cats and kittens, unless someone asked for something specific and covers the cost. Please note, a pet passport is required with a rabies vaccination if a kitten is going abroad.

We always recommend you take the kitten/cat to your own vets for a health examination within 72 hours of collection and before they are introduced to any other animals.

As our females give birth in our home and are handled from birth - the mother let’s us do this, because she trusts us.

Kittens will be registered with TICA either on the Active register or Pet register.

You will also offer you four weeks free insurance, veterinary record card, four generation pedigree, contract of sale, and a lifetime of advice.

Kitten prices:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pet quality from £700-(£200 deposit)                                                                                                         Special pet from £800-(£300 deposit)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Female show/breed quality from £1600-(£600 deposit)                                                                                        Male show/breed quality from £1800-(£700 deposit)                                                                                                 Each kitten is individually assessed for quality and priced accordingly.                                                                Please enquire if you'd like a show/breed quality kitten as a very special pet and we will see if it's possible!

Kittens bought on the Pet register must be neutered/spayed by 6 moths of age, registration papers will be with held until we receive proof of neutering from your vet.


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