This is our gorgeous F1 boy Majesticgems Manik - Manni.

Thank you so much Nicky and Gary of Utaneko Bengals for working with us to get such a lovely F1.

Manni is 50% Asian Leopard Cat and 50% Bengal

Owning such an Early Generation Bengal is so different and so much fun. ALC'S and F1's require a Dangerous Wild Animal licence and we have the first DWA ever issued by our local authority.

Manni is not only a stunner, but he is so very well socialised and an absolute pleasure to own.


Pedigree name: Majesticgems Manik

Pet name: Manni

DOB: 24.08.2013

Colour/markings: Brown Rosetted

Sire: Matrix of Utaneko - ALC

Dam: Majesticgems Diamond Princess


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