Our Queens

ADALI is one of our new girls for 2019 breeding.

Pedigree name: Oasisbengals Adali of Majesticgems

Pet name: Adali

DOB: 15.05.2018

Colour/markings: Brown/Black Rosetted

Sire: Kanpur Dreamboat of Oasisbengals

Dam: Oasisbengals Love Story

PK Def N/N

PRA - b N/N

TICA Registration: SBT 051518 083

KALIKA is one of our new girlsfor 2019 breeding.

Pedigree name: Sunstorm Kalika of Majesticgems

Pet name: Kalika

DOB: 11.04.2018

Colour/markings: Brown/Black Sheet marbled

Sire: Dottydakota Deluxe Edition 

Dam: Sunstorm Harpers Bazaar

PK Def N/N

PRA - b N/N

TICA Registration: SBT 041118 062

Morgan will be retiring in June after raising her last litter - she will be going to live with Freya who is from her previous litters. Freya’s owners have wanted Morgan since they saw her - she is so gorgeous and super friendly. They will give her everything she needs and will spend her days with Freya for company. We will miss Morgan so much, but know she will be so loved.

Morgan is so cute - she is a very pretty girl the friendliest personality and just loves to be on our knee.

Pedigree name: Majesticgems Morganite

Pet name: Morgan

DOB: 13.03.2014

Colour/markings: Brown/Black Rosetted

Sire: Wild Skies Twilight of Majesticgems (HUGO)  

Dam: Maclaw Bengals Ruby of Majesticgems (RUBY) 

PK Def N/N

PRA - b N/N

TICA Registration: SBT 031314 017

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